Our Story

Jack Link’s is a meat snack company born of family traditions and a deep-rooted love for adventure.

Meet The Links

Chris Link

In the 1880’s Jack’s great grandpa, Chris, came to Minong, Wisconsin, from the old country. Bringing with him only his prized sausage recipes.

Earl Link

Chris’ son, Earl, opened a butcher shop where they sold sausages made from Chris’ recipes. Everyone found them to be exceptional.

Wolf Link

Earl’s son, Wolf, took the love of meat to a new level and made a name for himself in the cattle business.

Wolf’s son, Jack, was born. One day, while out
hunting, Jack had an idea to make jerky out of his
great-grandfather’s recipes. Our first meat snack – Jack Link’s Beef Steaks – was so well loved and widely
snacked upon, that Jack combined all the things his great,
grand and regular fathers did to create the Jack Link’s jerky business

As Jack Link’s (the company) expanded, Jack Link (the person) grew to become a father to the next Link in the family business;
his son Troy Link. Together
the two work side by side
keeping family tradition alive.

Today, the snacking empire has grown from homegrown to global. Throughout, Jack Link’s has been and will remain, the choicest of meat snacks, best suited for any occasion, no matter how you
feed your wild side.