Boy Scouts of America Jack Link's Fundraising Kit

Our founder, Jack Linkwas a proud Boy Scout (Troop 97) in Minong, Wisconsin. 

To carry on the positive principles of his youth, we are proud to strengthen our partnership with Boy Scouts of America, providing this one-of-a-kind fundraising kit to support this incredible organization and foster the next generation of great entrepreneurs.

A Message From Jack Link Himself

To my fellow Scouts,

Congratulations! It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of the incredible Boy Scouts of America brotherhood. This family will teach you life lessons that will stay with you long after your summer camp adventures. 

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Growing up as a Boy Scout left a memorable impression that strongly impacted my future. From troop meetings to camping trips, my years with Troop 97 in Minong, Wisconsin shaped me into the man I am today. Each day, I’m reminded to live my life as every Boy Scout should - by being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

These values and principles continued to influence my entrepreneurial efforts, ultimately inspiring my company’s values. Jack Link’s Protein Snacks was built over 30 years ago and has thrived because I utilized Boy Scouts lessons like “be prepared” and “anticipate what’s going to happen.” I’m humbled that my entrepreneurial efforts have created opportunities for more than 3,500 team members worldwide and afforded me the ability to provide for my family, friends and community.

Creating the #1 meat snack company in the US requires hard work, perseverance, discipline, creativity, quick thinking, and a high-quality product you’re proud to represent. All lessons I hope you learn as you help raise funds for your Troop and earn your Entrepreneurship Merit Badge.

With a deep appreciation for my Boy Scouts experience and desire to help foster the next generation of great entrepreneurs, I’m thrilled to be a proud partner of Boy Scouts of America and can’t wait to hear about your future successes. 

And, as always, Feed Your Wild Side!

Jack Link’s is the Official Protein Snack of the Boy Scouts of America.

Jack Link’s is the Official Sponsor of the Boy Scouts of America Entrepreneurship Merit Badge.

Fundraising with Jack Link's is Easy!



(1) 1.25 oz. Original Beef Jerky

(1) 1 oz. Original Tender Bites

(1) 1 oz. Teriyaki Tender Bites

(2) 0.5 oz. Original Beef Sticks

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