Cold Crafted

Cold Crafted

Beef and Cheddar Bites

A Fully Refrigerated Meat & Cheese Snacking Experience

Jack Link’s Cold Crafted brings butcher-shop delicacies together — smoked 100% beef snack sticks, real Wisconsin cheese, and quality smoked salami — across multiple delicious snack offerings. All of our refrigerated snacks are portable with protein from only the best meat and cheese to keep you and your family going to your next activity.

Cold Crafted Products
Pepper Jack Sticks

Beef & Cheese Combinations

Quality ingredients with the great Jack Link’s taste.

Made with 100% Beef
Made with Real Wisconsin Cheese
Good Source of Protein
Less than 2g of Sugar and Carbs
No Added MSG
Cold Crafted Beef Sticks with Loaded Cheese
Cold Crafted Beef Sticks & Beef Sticks Loaded With Cheese
Jack Link’s brings you the authentic taste of a Midwest butcher shop with 9g of protein per stick. It’s 100% beef sticks smoked for hours with hardwood and then refrigerated to keep fresh and keep you coming back for more. Try the Original spice blend the way Jack himself likes it or find them stuffed and loaded with real pepper jack and cheddar cheese.
Cold Crafted Beef and Cheese Combos
Cold Crafted Beef & Cheese Combos
What’s better than smoked beef sticks and cheese? 100% beef and real, natural Wisconsin cheese eaten together at the same time. What’s even better than that? 10+ grams of protein and only one gram of carbs per serving for your refrigerated snacking enjoyment.
Cold Crafted Beef and Cheddar Bites
Cold Crafted Beef & Cheddar Bites
Get a true taste of the Midwest’s finest with our beef and cheddar bites. Made from 100% beef smoked for hours and with real Wisconsin curds, these refrigerated snack bites will change the way you snack. With 10g of protein and 1g sugar per serving, enjoy on your own, or pop them open and share with your friends and family.
Hard Salami

Jack Link's Cold Crafted

At Least 13g Protein Per Package
Up To 1g of Sugar Per Package
Up To 1g Total Carbs Per Package
Gluten Free
Product Line
Jack Link's Cold Crafted Linkwich

Think of a breadless sandwich but tastier. And more portable. And gluten free. Made with premium sliced deli meat sandwiched between two slices of natural Wisconsin cheese, this is delicious snacking with only 1g of sugar 13g of protein or more per snack sandwich.

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