What products does Jack Link's make?

Jack Link's produces high-quality, great-tasting protein snacks made from lean cuts of 100% beef, turkey, chicken and pork with flavors that range from savory to sweet to spicy and everything in between. Visit the snacks section on our website to see the variety of products we offer.

Where can I find your Jack Link's products?

Jack Link's Protein Snacks are available in all grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, large retailers and select home improvement and sport good stores nationwide. Jack Link's has a variety of products available, however, not all retail outlets choose to carry the entire product line.

If there is a store you typically go to that carries our Jack Link's products but not the particular variety you’d like to purchase, you may want to speak with a manager and ask if they would consider carrying what you are looking for.

What is Matador Beef Jerky?

Our Matador line is a tender-style jerky, produced by Jack Link's and distributed by Frito Lay. Learn more about our Matador Snacks by visiting their website by clicking here.

Where can I find Matador products?

Visit Frito Lay's website here and you should be able to locate Matador near you.

I am an editor or reporter, who do I contact to get more information?

Please send an email to media@jacklinks.com and provide as much information as possible regarding your request, including your deadline. We look forward to working with you.

Do you have coupons?

Jack Link's does not have consumer coupons available by request. Most of our coupons will be found in-store; we have a variety that vary depending on region, retailers and time of the year. The most common is instant redeemable coupons that are attached to the packages of jerky.

Do you give tours of your plants/facilities?

We do not offer tours of any of our facilities. However, there is a Jack Link's Outlet Store located in Minong, Wisconsin. It is located in Henson's Country Foods; you can obtain their store hours by calling them at 715-466-2262.

Where are your products packaged?

All of our products sold in the U.S. and Canada are packaged in one of our five upper Midwest facilities: Alpena, South Dakota; Bellevue, Nebraska; Mankato, Minnesota; Minong, Wisconsin; and New Glarus, Wisconsin.

About the product

Is Jack Link's Jerky healthy?

Jack Link’s Jerky is packed with protein, while low in fat, calories and carbs.

Jack Link's is pleased to provide the convenient Smart Snack Designation on all jerky and tender bites product packaging. At a glance, you are now able to discern the product attributes and benefits of various Jack Link's products. Jack Link's Smart Snack designation makes it easy for you to choose healthier snacks! Easy-to-read messaging includes high in protein, low in fat and carb smart information.

Where can I find nutritional information?

In addition to nutritional information located on the back of each product package, we've made all the information available online as well.

I’ve heard your jerky is clean label, is that true?

Yes, Jack Link's Jerky products (except Cholula due to the sauce) feature a clean label with no added MSG and no preservatives.

Where does your meat come from?

We purchase our meat from USDA approved and inspected facilities. You can find a listing on their website.

Are your products Halal or Kosher?

They are not.

Are your products gluten-free?

All of the products that are gluten-free are clearly marked with a designation.

We cannot guarantee that all of our proteins snacks are 100% gluten-free as there could be trace amounts of gluten present due to cross contamination not reported to us by the suppliers we get our spices from for specific products. That being said, we recommend that if you do indeed have a gluten allergy, that you snack carefully according to your own specific gluten tolerance.

Is there MSG in your products?

All of our Jack Link's branded jerky has no added MSG except for Cholula Beef Jerky, due to the sauce used for flavoring. We do use MSG in a limited number of our other products as a flavor enhancer, much like salt. Whenever MSG is used in one of our products, we clearly list it in the ingredient statement printed on the back of the package.

Are there nitrites in your products?

We do not use sodium nitrites in Jack Link's Jerky. However, leafy green vegetables, spices and herbs do contain naturally occurring nitrates. Some of these naturally occurring nitrates are converted to nitrites during the jerky making process, which allows our jerky to maintain quality and freshness.

Food Safety

What does the "Best by Date" mean?

The best by date on the package is the date we know the product will still be fresh - like the day it was packaged. We cannot guarantee the optimal quality of any of our products after the best by date or more than three days after the package is opened. We do not recommend consuming any product after the date listed on the package.

Do your products have to be refrigerated or frozen?

If the package has not been opened, Jack Link's products will remain fresh without refrigeration. After the package has been opened, refrigerate or eat within three days.

We advise against freezing the meat snacks as they won’t provide an optimal snacking experience. However, if the products are frozen, their texture and taste can change, but they are still perfectly fit for consumption.

What is the small white packet in my jerky bag?

The small white package is an FDA approved oxygen absorber and is clearly labeled "Do Not Eat." This packet helps absorb any oxygen that may be found in the package helping to preserve freshness.

What do I do if my jerky has molded?

Each bag that leaves our facilities is checked by our quality team and stamped by our Jack Link guarantee seal. If the jerky is exposed to oxygen throughout the transportation and shelving process, it could result in mold. If you have an issue with your products, let us know and we'll make it right by visiting this page.


What is your policy on returns?

If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will take care of the issue. Any unopened packages purchased on www.jacklinks.com may be returned within 14 days of receiving for a full refund (less shipping) with a copy of the original invoice. Please contact us at www.jacklinks.com/contact-us with any comments, returns, or questions.