Power thru with help from Original Protein

Think way back. Like even before that. Ancient civilizations fueled themselves with the help of meat. How'd they make it across treacherous seas in glorified paddleboats? Duh. Meat. And if it worked for them, it can definitely help us power thru the typical day. So let's show some respect to Original Protein.

Roman and Sasquatch
Power thru the 3 p.m. slump

You checked your inbox. Twice. You caught another mistake on that invoice. Go you. Whatever you do, you've been at it for hours. And it's only 3 p.m. Power thru the mind-numbing monotony with help from an Original Protein — meat! Made with 100% beef. Stick some of these in your backpack:

Power thru your workout

Historic badasses didn't eat fauxtein. Why should you? Skip the protein powders and kick your core workout where it hurts, with help from an Original Protein — meat! Made with 100% real ingredients. And none of that fakey stuff. Slide one of these into your spandex:

Putting together a bookshelf”>
Power thru to-do lists

If mankind built the pyramids with their bare hands, you can build a bookcase with yours. Trust us. Power thru your chores with help from an Original Protein — meat! 100% beef is what you need to finally get off your butt and do things, like laundry (ok, at least your whites). Keep a stash of these close at hand:

Power thru a brave new world

Humans have relied on meat for years. So why stop now? Whether you're exploring uncharted waters or stalking prey, power thru the great outdoors with help from an Original Protein. Take a few of these along for the journey:

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