Cold Crafted™ Beef Sticks Loaded with Pepperjack Cheese

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Some like it hot. Some like it spicy. And some like it cheesy. We start with 100% beef and spice it up by loading this stick with Monterey jack cheese and green and red jalapeno peppers. So good, this spicy beef stick will bring a tear to your eye.
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Cold Crafted™ Beef Sticks Loaded with Pepperjack Cheese
When Jack Link decided to make refrigerated beef sticks, he first did it the old way, the right way. With 100% beef sticks that are seasoned with his original blend of spices and hardwood smoked for over 6 hours. What goes well with meat? Cheese. Real Wisconsin cheese. We've infused 100% beef sticks with delicious hunks of real Wisconsin cheese. If it tastes like it came from that amazing butcher shop your friend told you about, it’s because it pretty much is. And if it’s ok with you, we also packed it with 9g of protein per beef stick. This is snacking the right way.

MADE WITH 100% BEEF: Each beef stick is made with 100% premium beef, hardwood smoked with our signature spices and no added MSG.

EXCELLENT SOURCE OF PROTEIN: With 9g of protein per serving, this snack is packed with power and great taste.

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