Cold Crafted™ Hard Salami & Cheddar Cheese Linkwich

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Salami and cheese sandwiches are boring. This is not boring. This is dried, seasoned hard salami and real Wisconsin cheese. Per serving it’s 15g of protein, it’s 1g of carbs, and it’s amazing.
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Cold Crafted™ Hard Salami & Cheddar Cheese Linkwich
Sometimes you want a snack with great taste, like a delicious combination of dried, seasoned salamis and real Wisconsin cheese. Other times a snack with 1g or less of carbs per serving. And sometimes you want 13g of protein per serving. Did you know that the Hard Salami & Cheddar Linkwich gives you all three at the same time? Don’t compromise, snack on this. This is our breadless deli meat and cheese sandwich, and we call it Linkwich. You’ll call it your new favorite snack. It will change how you think about sandwiches…and snacking.

MADE WITH REAL WISCONSIN CHEESE: Each Linkwich is made with 100% real Wisconsin cheese. Nothin' better and you’d expect nothing less.

EXCELLENT SOURCE OF PROTEIN: With 15g of protein per serving, this snack is packed with power and great taste.

GLUTEN FREE: Each snack sandwich is made with premium smoked deli cuts that are gluten free with no added MSG.

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